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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

20 Weeks

What an eventful week! We're halfway through the pregnancy now and it's starting to feel more real! I can feel Wallaby kicking much more regularly and I'm actually looking pregnant instead of just chubby. Although, most of the time I still feel enormous and a bit fat. The increased appetite isn't helping that feeling; I eat almost everything in sight now. And I'm always hungry--gotta keep stocking the fridge with healthy snacks, even though I really just want ramen and chips haha. Well, I'm keeping fruit on hand too, nectarines and berries and trying to make more health-conscious choices.

We had the 20 week ultrasound on Friday and got to find out that our little Wallaby is a BOY! I started having a feeling that I was having a boy during the trip, and it's little scary because I don't know a thing about little boys. If it were a girl, I feel like I would have some idea what she was going through as she grew up, but with a boy I'm a little lost and I'm afraid he won't like me as a mom. James assures me it'll be just fine, and though it's a little scary, I'm so excited to meet our little guy! We are talking about names and I think we've got it pretty much nailed down, but we're keeping it a secret until the baby's born. It was hard to find a name that James and I both really liked and we could agree on, but we did manage it and I'm really happy with our choice; we don't need anyone second guessing it or expressing their dislike of the name. Plus it'll be fun to introduce him to the world with his name. So please be patient: it won't be that long and you'll all know his name! The ultrasound was fun: not only did we get to find out the sex, but we got to see all his little organs too. The tech took pictures of everything from his stomach, to his heart, to his kidneys, to his spleen! The level of detail was awesome: we could see all 4 chambers of his heart and count his little fingers and toes (ten of each, so we're good!). The doctor will also look for a cleft lip or palette, since the tech can't tell you if anything is normal or abnormal (though she hinted that everything looked good).  She was so nice, even if the boy or girl question was a bit anticlimactic. James also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, which was awesome. Yes, I cried (tends to happen a lot these days). It was so cool to see him and have him actually look like a baby instead of an alien. We came home with a bunch of photos: showing he's a boy (he wasn't shy about that!), his little feet, profile shots, his hand and even his skull!! If I'm reading all the technical info on the side correctly, he's 13 oz! We'll know more about his health for sure come June 8, which is the next appointment, but I think everything is fine.

I've been feeling him kick and roll quite a bit, but James can't feel him yet. I wish he could, but I know it'll take a while for those little punches to be felt from the outside. They still make me jump a little each time, and are really surprising. I can't always feel them, but if I'm sitting still, especially if I have my legs drawn up to my chest, I can definitely feel them! Last night I felt him kick from the outside for the first time. He was really kicking on my right side, and I put my hand on my side, and BOOM! I felt my belly push out against my hand! It was amazing!! Unfortunately, James missed it and as soon as he had his hand on my belly, baby boy stopped kicking. Well, soon enough.

The 4th is my birthday--25 years! It's been a great weekend: I got to see the baby and baby got a pronoun, then James took me to Barnes and Noble and we spent 2 hours looking through baby name books together (he really surprised me with that one) and we went to a comedy show Sunday night (secret birthday-no sense being singled out). Today, one of my bridesmaids took me out to a delicious lunch and we got to catch up for the first time in a while, then James took me to dinner at Gabbi's for their tortilla soup and shrimp enchiladas! I actually had a dream about their enchiladas on the pilgrimage, that's how good they are!! We ended up getting dessert at Bruxie's since they have frozen custard sundaes. It wasn't Katie's, but it was pretty good. He also got me a St. Christopher medallion to replace the one my father had given me; it's gorgeous and I can't wait to get a chain to wear it on! We rented Captain America from a RedBox and enjoyed it with some microwave popcorn. It was a great day; very relaxing and low key, just perfect.

Now for the weekly info roundup:
How far along:  20 weeks, halfway there! Whoo!!
Total weight gain: No clue. I really don't trust my scale, which says -3, so we'll find out at the doctor's
Maternity clothes:  Yep. Although the jeans keep slipping down...I can still fit into some regular shirts, but they're getting tighter. And my hoodie is going to stop zipping up soon lol
Stretch marks: Yep. They're so attractive. But you know what, they're part of having a baby, and what my body is doing is amazing, so I'll deal with them.
Sleep: Still tossing and turning. I'd love to just sleep through the night. I get up at least twice to pee and I toss and turn all night long trying to get comfortable. Seems like I haven't gotten any rest for a month.
Best moment this week: Finding out our little one is a little boy!! Seeing James' face when he heard the heartbeat!
Miss anything: I really miss not being tired. I get exhausted so easily and take naps whenever I can, and still fall asleep on the couch around 9 or 10. I'd love to have more energy, but I feel drained. I thought this trimester was supposed to give me some of my energy back
Movement: Oh yeah. Little kicks and jabs, rolls and possibly a headbutt lol. It's a weird and amazing feeling. I can understand how it could be confused for intestinal stuff, but to me, it feels completely different (but then I know how to differentiate my tummy feelings too, so hey)
Cravings: Not anything specific. More often than not, I know what I DON'T want
Queasy:  Maybe once or twice, but nothing horrible
Baby's sex: Boy!
Symptoms: Same old, same old. My breasts are super sore lately, and GI stuff is still a problem. I think I may also have some round ligament pain from my uterus stretching.
Wedding ring on or off: On still. But I think my claddagh is going to be put away for a while soon
Belly button in or out: It's on its way out! The top half is definitely sticking out now!
Happy or moody: Mostly happy, but I get irritated and upset much, much easier now
Looking forward to:  Gabbi's tonight and opening my birthday present from James. I'm also planning on scheduling a massage when we head to SD for a weekend soon
Any pregnancy brain moments:  I left clothes I was washing in the washer for three (James says five) days. When I remembered them, they were gone and so was our basket! I totally freaked out and started crying, I was so upset. It was just a small load, but some of my favourite shirts were in there that I was trying to save from some green dye that got on them. Luckily, the manager had pulled them out and NOT thrown them away and we found them in the maintenance garage the next day. They'll have to be washed again, but I learned that I need to set a timer and get up when it goes off, no matter what. I felt like such an idiot.

That was our week! Here's some pictures:

20 weeks and the reveal! We're having a BOY!!!!

Pippin jumped up on me, hence the face.
The bump is starting to take shape!

My bump has finally surpassed my boobs!

Some of the photos: Profile, left hand, left arm and left foot!

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  1. Hahaha, that really sounds like my pregnancies, too! I was feeling the same way when we've found out we're having a boy. I was a little upset first because we're having so many cute girl clothes from Emma I would have loved to use again. But after a while I was excited to have a couple. And you'll get used to the little one - it'll grow in time. James will be there to solve the "guy themes" ;). I am really excited with you and will have a great gift for your little one when he'll be in the world. You must send me your address before the baby is born. Thinking of you! Love from Bremen! Miriam